Incredible panoramas, a real alpine pass crossing and a gigantic waterfall - the Stoneman Taurista truly is a first class mountain bike tour.

Alpine peaks as far as the eye can see. Grossglockner, Dachstein, Bischofsmütze, Hochkönig, Großvenediger - on the Stoneman Taurista the Tauern lay at your feet.

Whether on the Hochgründeck, the Rossbrand or after the Oberhütte - on this mountain bike tour you will always be treated to incredible panoramic views. There is a checkpoint at every summit. But your reward will be more than the hole punch in your starter card. Above all, you will never forget the descents - the best of which fly down narrow tracks against panoramic backdrops.

Mountainbike-Tour Stoneman Taurista MTB Abfahrt vom Rossbrand mit Tauern-Panorama Salzburger Land (Österreich)

"123 km pure mountain bike emotion"

The Stoneman Taurista has everything that makes the Salzburger Land so unique. Countless alpine pastures and huts, abundant streams, rivers and mountain lakes; dense, dark forests and the rugged mountain world of the Tauern. With over 123 km and 4,500 meters of altitude gain, you will pass the most beautiful spots, experience wonderful panoramas, enjoy relaxed descents and master a real alpine pass by bike!

Mountainbike-Tour Stoneman Taurista MTB echte Alpenpass-Querung Oberhütte nach Obertauern Salzburger Land (Österreich)
Mountainbike-Tour Stoneman Taurista MTB Einkehr und Rast auf Hütten und Almen Salzburger Land (Österreich)
Mountainbike-Tour Stoneman Taurista MTB Trail-Abfahrt vom Grießenkar Salzburger Land (Österreich)
Mountainbike-Tour Stoneman Taurista MTB Johanneswasserfall Salzburger Land (Österreich)

+++ Re-routing of the Stoneman Taurista +++

For the 2023 season, the track deviates from its origin. While facing the same 4500m vertical, you'll experience an entirely new section. The checkpoints Grießenkar und Edelweiß-Alm won't be part of the the track. Instead, there will be a new checkpoint: Following the climb of the Ginausattel noth of Wagrain, the track ascends to the peak of the scenic Hochgründeck at an altitude of 1800 meters. Traversing Eben im Pongau the track leads back to the original route.



Riding the Stoneman Taurista

The Stoneman Taurista mountain bike is not a competition! Your own performance and your individual mountain bike experience is the benchmark.

If you conquer the course in one day, you have earned the Stoneman gold trophy. If you master the Stoneman in two or three daily stages, you earn the silver or bronze trophy, respectively. The most important thing is that you have a great time.

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Stoneman Taurista-season 2024:  6. June till 29. September

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Stoneman Taurista: Where the mountain calls and the mountain bike grooves!
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