Your starter pack is the entry point to your truly special Stoneman Taurista experience.

Stunning scenery, varied trails, all backed up by a sincere welcoming culture at any point during the season.

There are two versions for your Stoneman Miriquidi mountain bike experience: Card and Classic. Please choose one here:

For Finishers/Heroes or Group Members

Starter Pack Card

The essential goods & services for your Stoneman Taurista adventure.

  • Signage and other helpful services
  • Starter card and lanyard
  • Stoneman Taurista wristband
  • Important information via mail
  • Up-to-date GPS-Track via mail
  • Entry on the Finisher-List
  • 10 € voucher towards Stoneman jerseys
  • Digital abo of BIKE magazine
  • Upgrade to trophy or stone possible anytime
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Chosen by over 80 % of riders

Starter Pack Classic

Elevate your Stoneman Taurista experience and enjoy the perfect preparation with the Starter Pack Classic.

  • All goods & services from the Starterpack Card
  • Stoneman Taurista starter bag
  • for the first time: StoneMag.21 Taurista
  • Stoneman Taurista folding map 2021 (77 x 70 cm)
  • Stoneman multi-functional bandana
  • Stoneman Taurista drinking bottle by Bike24
  • Squirtlube dry chainlube
  • Riviera muscle & pain relief SOS-Box
  • Snack by Energycake
  • Stoneman Taurista sticker
  • Upgrade to trophy or stone possible anytime

Get your nugget!

Most riders are so thrilled after their ride - they take the handcrafted Stoneman trophy home. It is designed by Stoneman founder Roland Stauder himself and carries a stone of the regional bedrock in its centre.

Trophäe_Starterpakete SMT
  • The Trophy – made of the striking wooden pedestal, the iron, laser-cut Stoneman figurine and a stone, struck off the bedrock of the Tauern – is just 40 € .
  • You already earned the trophy with your first Stoneman? Collect the Taurista-Stone for just 20 €.

Because every now and then someone asks: If you complete the tour in one day, one half of the stone is hand-painted golden. For two days it is painted silver, for three days bronze. If you are riding an e-mtb, you receive a natural-coloured stone at the finish.

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Starter packs are available at the official issuing offices and at all Stoneman Taurista logis partners for house guests.

You may fetch your starter pack on the evening prior of your ride from 4:30 pm onwards.

Official issuing offices

Filzmoos Tourismus, city – Logis-Partner Stoneman Taurista MTB

Filzmoos Tourismus

Filzmoos 50
5532 Filzmoos
+43 6453 8235

Montag bis Freitag 8:00-17:00
Juli & August: Sa 9:00-17:00, So 10:00-12:00.

Außerhalb der Öffnungszeiten fungiert der Freizeitpark Filzmoos als Ausgabestelle (Öffnungszeiten 11.00 bis 20.00 Uhr; Vor- und Nachsaison Di. Ruhetag).

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Flachau Tourismus, city – Logis-Partner Stoneman Taurista MTB

Flachau Tourismus

Hermann-Maier-Platz 1
5542 Flachau
+43 6457 2214

7.6. bis 6.9.
Montag bis Sonntag 8:00–12:00 & 14:00-19:00

7.9. bis 29.9.:
Montag bis Freitag 8:00–12:00 & 14:00-19:00
Samstag 8:00–12:00 & 16:00-19:00
Sonn- & Feiertage 16:00–19:00
außerhalb der Öffnungszeiten bitte um vorherige telefonische Kontaktaufnahme

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SportArt in Altenmarkt, city – Logis-Partner Stoneman Taurista MTB

SportArt in Altenmarkt

Obere Marktstraße 58
5541 Altenmarkt im Pongau
+43 6452 20750

Öffnungszeiten: Montag bis Freitag 8:00–12:00; 13:00-18:00 Samstag 8:00–13:00 Außerhalb der Öffnungszeiten übernimmt das Hotel Kesselgrub (täglich 8:00-20:00 Uhr) Bitte beachten: Nur Barzahlung möglich. E-Mail Anrufen Website »
Wagrain-Kleinarl Tourismus, city – Logis-Partner Stoneman Taurista MTB

Wagrain-Kleinarl Tourismus

Markt 14
5602 Wagrain
+43 6413 8448

Montag bis Freitag 9:00–17:00
an Feiertage geschlossen

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Tourismusverband Obertauern, city – Logis-Partner Stoneman Taurista MTB

Tourismusverband Obertauern

Pionierstraße 1
5562 Obertauern
+43 6456 7252

Mai, Juni, September, Oktober:
Montag bis Freitag 8:00–16:00

Juli-Mitte September
Montag bis Freitag 8:00–16:00
Samstag, Sonn- und Feiertag 8:00–16:00

 Obacht: Erst ab dem 21. Juni wieder verfügbar.  

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Tourismusverband Radstadt, city – Logis-Partner Stoneman Taurista MTB

Tourismusverband Radstadt

Stadtplatz 17
5550 Radstadt
+43 6452 7472

Montag bis Freitag 8:00–12:00 und 14:00–18:00
Samstag 9:00–12:00 (bis 4. September)
an Feiertagen geschlossen

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Stoneman Taurista-season 2021: 10. June till 26. September

SMT-Mountainscape-2020-C-Edition Korrekt
Stoneman Taurista: Where the mountain calls and the mountain bike grooves!
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