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Good preparation is the key to your MTB adventure on the Stoneman Taurista.

Whether in one, two or three days – the Stoneman Taurista is an extraordinary mountain bike experience in any case.

You can choose your own starting point – just as it suits you best. You can also choose the date of your ride within the season completely free.


The Stoneman Taurista is located in the Salzburger Sportwelt in the heart of the Salzburger Land in the centre of Austria.

The route is ideally located near the Tauern motorway (A 10/E 55) (Altenmarkt [63] and Flachau [66] exits). By car it takes just under an hour from Salzburg and just two hours from Innsbruck, Munich, Linz and Graz.

  • North-to-south extension: ca. 18.5 km
  • East-to-west extension: ca. 21 km

Radstadt is ÖBB's national railway station.

Mountainbike-Tour Stoneman Taurista MTB Rossbrand Salzburger Land (Österreich)

The MTB route of the Stoneman Taurista runs clockwise and is fully signposted. The signs will show you the way.

They are usually located before and, as confirmation, 100 to 200 metres after the crossing or the divergence.

Gold-riders should nevertheless use a GPS device with the current track as a precaution. You will receive it with your registration via e-mail. On site, the current GPS track for the Stoneman Taurista is also available from the issuing points of the starter packs and the lodging partners.

Each starter pack comes with a detailed route map (77 x 70 cm) showing the route and the characteristics of the individual stages. This way, you will be well-prepared for your bike tour on the Stoneman Taurista and have an overview of important places along the way.

Mountainbike-Tour Stoneman Taurista MTB Sattelbauer zum Grießenkar Salzburger Land (Österreich)

Out of consideration for the landscape and the fauna, the Stoneman Taurista may only be biked by daylight. The following times apply during the season:

  • June: 5.00 am–9.00 pm (16.00 h)
  • July: 5.45 am–8.45 pm (15.00 h)
  • August: 6.30 am–8.00 pm (13.30 h)
  • September: 7.00 am–6.45 pm (11.45 h)

In September gold is only achievable to the most experienced riders.

Each starter pack includes a leaflet with riding times and the Stoneman Taurista Rules.

A demanding 147 kilometres distance and 4,700 metres altitude gain.

The Stoneman Taurista has it all when it comes to technical demands and stamina! The technical demands range from S0 to S2 with a few S3 and three longer carrying and pushing passages. Don't underestimate them! Gold is therefore only feasible for technically experienced and fit mountain bikers. If in doubt, give yourself enough time for your first trip and try for a silver or bronze.

The best starting points for your Stoneman Taurista Mountain Bike experience are the official distributors of the starter pack and the lodging partners.

These paths await you

  • 0%
  • 0%
    Cobble, coarse asphalt
  • 0%
    paved way
  • 0%
    unsurfaced path (forest/meadow)
  • 0%
    Single trail
  • 0%
    Root/stone passage

Ready for the Stoneman Taurista?

Here you will find all the information, tips and stage suggestions for your mountain bike tour – whether in one, two or three days.

If you ride silver or bronze, the Enns cycle path (Ennsradweg) is suitable as a transfer route. It runs from Flachau to Mandling and is fully signposted. From Wagrain, access is also possible on a cycle path.

The Enns cycle path is marked on the official route map that comes with every starter pack.

Important: During the Stoneman Taurista season, trains and buses in the valley run on a reduced schedule. A shuttle by bike or taxi is therefore the safer option.

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Stoneman Taurista season 2024:  6. June til 29. September

Stoneman Taurista: Where the mountain calls and the mountain bike grooves!
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